Homecoming: Chapter Four


The reason I’m going to be cranking the chapters of this story a lot is totally not because I want to get to the romping under the covers more quickly.

Of course not. These two chapters that will be going out today and tomorrow have nothing to do with anything like that.


Homecoming: Chapter One

Homecoming: Chapter Two

Homecoming: Chapter Three


(currently) SFW

724 Words

After Zoeya’s return from the Rebel base Rythian and her try to push past their differences. The mage knows how he feels about the young woman but doesn’t know if she’ll reciprocate.

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Technomage’s Apprentice: Field Trip


Hullo! If you’re still taking prompts, would it be possible for you to show Zoeya and Rythian’s encounters with this universe’s version of Lalna?


maybe a prompt? zoey gets a visit from lalna (maybe he’s someone else’s apprentice like sjin’s or he’s their teacher or whatever) and rythian see’s them and is jealous because, um, hello, another perfect technomage and not some kid like him and maybe she reassures him that she’s his teacher not anyone elses (though sisterly/genish cos I like how you’ve written your stuff without le romance)


Of course! We can’t forget about lovely little Lalna! I’ve had the idea stirring about in my head for a while since I got the prompts and I finally got around to doing it today. It’s actually quite long (2420 words according to MS Word) and it took me about three hours.

If you haven’t seen the other two stories in this series you can find them here Technomage’s Apprentice and here Technomage’s Apprentice: Sick Day. I’d still like to see some more prompts so if you have an idea for Technomage Zoeya and her young boy apprentice Rythian please send it to me either by reblog or my Ask box. If I like it and think I can make a story I’ll make it happen!

Thanks to those two people for the prompts. I hope you guys enjoy. C:



2420 words


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Homecoming: Chapter Nine

Yeah it’s back and there ain’t nothing nobody can do about it. Wooo~
Please prepare your feels for adorable (tasteful?) smut about your favorite Yog Halflings.

PS, why do bugs have to touch my face?

If you need to catch up you can start here-
Homecoming: Chapter One

If you forgot what happened last time here’s a refresher-
Homecoming: Chapter Eight


NSFW, sexual situations

1225 words

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Homecoming RETUrns?!1/1?!??

I’ve been staring at the next chapter for like three days now and have decided that I will indeed release and do my damnedest to finish this little fucker.

There will be glorious NSFW or little children Zoethian for the masses~

So let me know, are you excitedddddd?

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Homecoming: Chapter Eight

Chapter eight. Holy crap guys, how did we get here? I’ll tell you how. Because of you all, spurring me on. I luvs youuuu~

But I ask you, are you ready for this? It’s gonna get hot and heavy here soon folks. I don’t know if you’re properly prepared for this. Oh well, use your best judgment. I can’t baby-sit you all.

As always reviews and constructive criticism are immensely appreciated!

Currently I am not taking prompts since my relationship with the Zoethian fandom has been fast and intense and I need a bit of a breather. But never fear, Zoethian will live on in my heart.

In case you missed it, here’s the last chapter. C:
Homecoming: Chapter Seven


NSFW, PG-13 (sexual situations)

1446 words

With the pressure of “natural” progression lifted off of their shoulders the couple proceeds in the way they feel comfortable.

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Homecoming tomorrow~

Tomorrow, regardless of whether or not I get my draft back from my beta reader I will post the next chapter of Homecoming.

My beta reader was ill and unable to get to my draft which is why it has taken so long.

When I do get it back I may edit the chapter but for now I will post what I have.

Tomorrow at 1pm MST, GMT-7

Git chur pants reddi. ;3

Homecoming? :,(

Hello lovely~ It has not been forgotten, in fact, it’s been written! But I’m waiting on my beta reader to give me feedback to make it even better. Fear not, sweet fans! This ship still sails in Jalo’s waters!


Also, for the love of Teep, people, use the “Read more” break with your long ass fanfics.

Thanks, the rest of the Zoethian shippers and Yognau(gh)ts.

Edit: outlined with the red circle. A block cut in half by dotted lines.

That next Homecoming chapterrrrrr

Pending my beta reader and any corrections I need to make the next chapter of Homecoming will be here shortly~

Thanks everyone for waiting so very patiently. Hopefully I’ll be able to churn out the next chapter very, very quickly. You guys will want it, I’m sure. ;D



Cheeky, I know. <3

Ahhhhh where is Homecoming!!! I have been waiting for so long! Its a great fanfic

I’m sorry.. ;___;
It’s very slowly getting put together. I’m trying to get it nice and not sucky with so much build-up behind it. I don’t want people to be disappointed after so long. D:

That feeling when Zoey uses “I’ll Follow You Into the Dark” as the tune for the ending of the season…

your fanfic is soo good, thank you for writing it :)

Thank you so much, Anon. I’m glad you’re enjoying it n wn <3 I appreciate the feedback so I know I’m doing a good job. 8’D
I was trying to write some of the more intimate stuff a bit ago but I was falling asleep at the computer. o no Hopefully I’ll be able to get the next bit out within the next few days. No promises though. xD

Homecoming: Chapter Seven


Oh, and a little review or something wouldn’t be terrible either. I <3 constructive criticism, Use my Ask or put it in a reblog. I will be eternally grateful.

Last chapter:
Homecoming: Chapter Six


SFW, PG-13 (sexual situations, substance use)

1903 words

Time trudges forward as the anticipation mounts between the two and yet nothing more has happened. Zoey had been so sure of what she wanted but repeated failed attempts makes the couple question their relationship.

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Yeah, that’s right, another chapter of Homecoming tomorrow. And you know what?

Yeah, look back on this post after you read it. You’ll see. You’ll all see…