It seems that I love you so much that I wilted.

-Saitoh Aya (Kuttsukiboshi)

Done with SAO

You can’t get me anymore, SAO, I’m done with your shit. I’m in the future and done with you. You can’t hurt me anymore.

Man, what a great series.

Jalo liveblogs while watching SAO


but I can’t hate this anime because it is sooo good.


*sobs into hands*


interest: anime

conversation: whales

seems legit

Anime and Manga blog?

Would anyone like to hear my opinions on anime and manga series? No one? Okay…

Kamisama Kiss

Ah, I just finished Kamisama Kiss on Hulu. I really enjoyed it- it was funny and cute and full of drama and all the goodies I like in a romantic comedy. Definitely recommended for those who are into that kind of stuff.

I watched the third episode of Blood-C…

Why did I go back to this awful anime, why!?