Behind the Name

Well hello Tumblrers. I am Jaloyoloti but you can just call me Jalo. I suspect some of my followers might like to know a little bit more about me and I’d be more than happy to share a bit with you. Maybe we can fangasm about something together other than what I post about. Maybe we have the same favorite anime or flavor of ice cream (you can’t go wrong with mint chocolate chip). If at any time you’d like to know more about me please feel free to drop a message or reblog a post with your question. I’m pretty easy-going when it comes to meeting new people and I feel that knowing a bit more about me may help you understand why I write the things I write in the style I write. So, without further ado, let’s get going. C:

I choose to go by Jaloyoloti which I first adapted as an alias when I changed my user name on GaiaOnline, which I still frequent quite a bit for roleplaying, chatting with friends and running my giveaway. I’ve enjoyed the uniqueness of the name and have used for just about every internet ID in which I’d like to remain rather anonymous.

My main loves in life include singing in choir. I’ve been in choir on and off since the second grade and have always enjoyed being part of a group that makes beautiful music made from a ton of different voices. Through choir I’ve been given the opportunities tor travel from my native Washington, USA to Ireland and most recently to Denver, CO for Gala 2012, a large choir festival made up of and supporting the LGBTQIA+/GSRM community. Currently I identify as a pansexual.

As for other hobbies I’m a casual gamer girl who enjoys mostly RPGs and sandbox games though I can’t turn down a good FPS either. I mostly play Minecraft, League of Legends and as of late Garry’s Mod.

I’m also a huge anime and manga nerd which probably stems from my Asian heritage as I am half-Japanese, courtesy of my father. My mother is about as white as they come. xD My only sibling is my brother who is ten years older than me.

I currently reside in southwestern Idaho though I am a homegrown Washingtonian and hope to return to the dreary city of Seattle eventually- someone’s gotta help staff Sakura-Con.

As I mentioned before I am a cisfemale though I consider myself to be quite a bit of tomboy with my raunchy humor and dirty mouth. It’s how I do though and my friends and family love me for it.

Right now I’m twenty-three and trying to find a job but my psyche disorders make it rather tough for me to stay motivated. I struggle with clinical depression, anxiety, ADHD and Seasonal Affected Disorder (thanks crappy weather) as well as general procrastination and laziness. I’m weary of naming these mental illnesses since there is a general stigma that can come with it and I’d rather not have people see me as some girl sitting on her mom’s couch with a pile of dishes on every surface nearby and being on the edge of suicide at any given moment. I’ve survived the dark pit of self-loathing and helplessness before and I’m certain I can do it again if I remember I already did. The support I was given made it possible for me to be here today to write and sing and play and laugh without the fear of being nudged off the edge.

As for my writing I can’t say I have many specific influences for my style. I’m a pretty cynical and depressing person so that tends to come out a lot in my writing as I feel it’s a good way to get the negativity out of me and somewhere constructive rather than destructive.
Obviously I write fanfics a lot. I tend to have ideas for fanfics a lot more since the characters and framework have already been devised- all that’s left is the creativity one has with the rest. I know I struggle with original ideas but I’m at least trying with a few stories.

Just like you my life is a big jumble of random crap I love (like Alton Brown, the Yogscast, Studio Ghibli and Poets of the Fall) so if there’s anything you’d like to know about me the odds are I have an opinion and a good suggestion for you or even a fun story about my first St. Patty’s Day as a legal drinker.

Rabu, rabu minna-san. C:

(Did I mention I’m a fourth year Japanese graduate?)