Fandoms, of Art and Fics

All links will be labeled with fandom type (art or fic), character or ship (if applicable), whether or not it is safe for work, word count and where it is located.

[T] = On Tumblr

[O] = On another site

The Harmonization - Fic, Zoethian, SFW, 2602 words (three chapters), [O -]

Homecoming Chapter One - Fic, Zoethian, (currently) SFW, 668 words, [T]

Homecoming Chapter Two - Fic, Zoethian, (currently) SFW, 555 words, [T]

Homecoming Chapter Three - Fic, Zoethian, (currently) SFW, 494 words, [T]

Homecoming Chapter Four - Fic, Zoethian, (currently) SFW, 724 words, [T]

Homecoming Chapter Five - Fic, Zoethian, (currently) SFW, 1217 words, [T]

Homecoming Chapter Six - Fic, Zoethian, (currently) SFW PG, 1013 words, [T]

Homecoming Chapter Seven - Fic, Zoethian, (currently) SFW PG-13, 1903 words, [T]

Homecoming Chapter Eight - Fic, Zoethian, NSFW, 1446 words, [T]

Two of a Crazy Kind - Art, Rythian (Zoethian), SFW, N/A, [T]

Technomage’s Apprentice - Fic, AU Zoethian, SFW, 787 words, [T]

Technomage’s Apprentice Sick Day - Fic, AU Zoethian, SFW, 641 words, [T]

Technomage’s Apprentice Field Trip - Fic, AU Zoethian, SFW, 2420 words, [T]

Technomage’s Apprentice Teach Me - Fic, AU Zoethian, SFW, 1176 words, [T]

Bakemono - Art, Rythian (Zoethian), SFW, N/A, [T]

Bakemono - Fic, Rythian (Zoethian), SFW (some violence), 796 words, [T]

Mini Series Ravsuuu - Art, Ravs, SFW, N/A, [T]

Mini Series Zoethian - Art, Zoeya & Rythian (Zoethian), SFW, N/A, [T]

When You Were Gone Part One - Fic, Rythian (Zoethian), SFW, 977 words, [T]